Is the legendary sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce back in the world? This book presents the convincing case that he is, revealing the compelling set of facts linking David Wilcock to Edgar Cayce with odds of billions to one connecting the two. 

An even more important question, was David Wilcock getting messages from the same Source as Edgar Cayce during the period - 1999-2003 when this book was written?
An even more important question, was David Wilcock getting messages from the same Source as Edgar Cayce during the period - 1999-2003 when this book was written?
The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?
by Wynn Free with David Wilcock
                    An extraordinary case study of "coming back"
This page is hosted and compiled by the principle author - Wynn Free. The views expressed on this page are entirely Wynn's. When the book was being written, Wynn and Mr. Wilcock were collaborating and, although Wynn was the principal visionary for the creation of this book, Mr. Wilcock edited and approved 100% of the content. After the book was released in 2004, Mr. Wilcock made his best attempt to publicly divorce himself from the Cayce connection and channeling. He endured a lot of ridicule for allowing himself to be identified with Edgar Cayce and was accused of being self aggrandizing. 

The most important part of this book is the "channelings" he brought forth during the period the book was being written. If his Source was the same as Cayce's, then these are epic messages and guidance for humanity at this critical period of "shift". The second half of the book includes many of his best "channelings". An Amazon review says it all: "Some of the most lucid and loving spiritual advice/wisdom I have ever read."
“I am so blown away is the most informative and enlightening book I've read so far on human evolution and planetary changes - Sabrina Heitzenberg
Why Wynn Free decided to write the book: Years ago, I was a college nerd, studying physics at UC Berkeley. I had an artist friend who was into metaphysics, astrology, and, you guessed it, Edgar Cayce. I would have called myself an agnostic at the time, and reading Edgar Cayce, convinced me that there was more to life than met the eye and I began a serious study of metaphysics. I ignited this deep curiosity about how the universe really works. I probably read 30 books on Cayce. In 1999, I was led to Wilcock's website and was fascinated by the channelings he had posted. He also had a section of his site entitled "The Cayce Connection". He never said he was the reincarnation of Cayce. He said he had a "resonance". I was fascinated. 

Cayce, in his own readings, said he would return in 1998!
I knew Cayce said he would "return in 1998 and may be a liberator of the world". I formulated the possibility that Wilcock might be that return. I was a staff writer for a metaphysical magazine at the time and I called my editor and told her "I think I may have discovered the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and I wanted to interview him". She looked at his website and called him a "whacko". She said if I interviewed him, she wouldn't promise to run it until after she read it and approved. 

Wynn interviews Wilcock for a metaphysical magazine.
I contacted Wilcock and in our first conversation, I addressed the idea that he was the reincarnation of Cayce. Although he never said it on his website, he knew he was. He agreed to let me interview him and I did (link to original interview). When I turned it in to my editor, she immediately called me back, gasping. "You're right! He has to be Edgar Cayce and I think you're the one who's supposed to write the book about it." I had expressed myself as a songwriter and poet for most of my life and the idea of writing a book seemed way over my head. I knew it had to be extremely well documented because if it ever got done, it would be highly controversial and it had to be convincing. 

Wynn convinces a reluctant Wilcock that a book would help him reach more people.
I studied Wilcock's readings. At the time he was doing personal readings for people. I had one and it was very deep. My level of certainty that he had been Cayce was 99%. I convinced a reluctant Wilcock that it would be a great service to put a book out on the topic of his connection to Cayce. I wrote the book, found a publisher and it was released in 2004. Wilcock as my co-writer, approved !00% of the content, contributed  two chapters, and his channelings.

Wilcock becomes famous and The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? becomes an international best seller!
After the book's release, Wilcock and I went our separate ways. He wanted nothing to do with the promotion of the book. He pretty well stopped doing channelings and went in a different direction. His Source had indicated to him that his highest service would be as a teacher for the masses and I do believe he has been fulfilling that mission. I do believe Wilcock's early messages from the other side were and are extremely important. 

The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce has held it's own as an international best seller with many positive critical reviews and translated into 4 languages. Here's a few of them:
THE PAST LIFE PICTURE COMPARISONS: There are numerous tie ins connecting David Wilcock to Edgar Cayce. One of the most striking is the picture comparisons of Wilcock to Cayce, Wilcock's friend to Cayce's wife, and Wilcock's father to Cayce's father. Not only is the resemblance uncanny, but there is the feeling that it could be the same soul. 

Why the similarity? When you die, your soul still contains the configuration of your DNA, so that when the soul enters a new fetus, it programs the DNA of the fetus with the previous configuration. Also, people travel in "soul groups" so one will most likely connect with people in one's present life that one had been connected to in previous lives. 
“The Book is thoughtful and precise, it sticks to the job of convincing and does it well. It is filled with good scientific facts backed up by modern academic research from a wide international field of the highest calibre and the way the story is told he brings a new dimension to Darwins Theory of Evolution on a Spiritual level.” - Amazon review
Favorite Book Read in the Last 5 Years: I think it would have to be The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, but I was also taken by a sleeper, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? by Wynn Free and David Wilcock.” - D.D. Delaney -Port Folio Weekly journalist, Hampton Roads, Va.

"Ten stars for author Wynn Free on The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce as this book has removed this reviewer's fear of death and has opened her heart to the most profound source of love and light she has ever experienced. May it do this and more for all who open it's pages."

Dr Maryel Mckinley, PHD, syndicated book reviewer and host KABC radio show, Back Talk

"This book may be the most important work in contemporary spirituality explaining how to maintain one's connections to divinity on a planet in transition". 

Reverend Beverly Craig, Church of Religious Science

If You are a Fan of Edgar Cayce.....

This book is a must read. The first half covers the story linking Wilcock to Cayce with explanations of who was actually speaking through Wilcock and, by inference, Cayce. The evidence is very compelling. The second part of the book introduces some of Wilcock's best channelings during the period of 1999 2003. The depth and wisdom of the channelings is incredible. In my estimation, they bring a far deeper understanding of Cayce and his Source. 

This book stands on its own and delivers an entirely different perspective on David Wilcock and his early channelings than his current public presentation of himself.  If Edgar Cayce has touched your life, you need to read this book and decide for yourself.

If You are a Fan of David Wilcock.....

In his current manifestation, David has done a brilliant job of bringing much information and understanding to the public of the mysteries of ET's, cabals, and more. He gives credit to his knowledge of secret government affairs to "insiders", or people who have inside access to the corrupt behind the scenes affairs of government workings.

This book offers a view of Wilcock quite different from how he presents himself right now.

I've heard people ask "why should I read this book when I've listened to Wilcock speak many times?" I believe that the contribution of his channelings at the time I was writing the book (2001-2003) is as important, if not more so, than anything he's done since. 

The book doesn't focus on ET's and cabals. It introduces the reader to a Source which identifies itself a Group Soul comprised of hundreds of millions of individual souls who have graduated this realm (got off the wheel of reincarnation) and has been assisting humankind for tens of thousands of years. The book presents tie ins connecting this group soul to Egypt and the pyramids, as well as the manifestation Of Jesus. Many people can feel energy as they read the words of the channelings.To quote the Sources, "As you study us, we study you."  My appreciation to David for being the one to make this contribution to the planet.

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Bonus Two: A link to a free download of Book One of the Ra, Law of One series as channelled by Carla Rueckert. Wilcock refers repeatedly to the Law of One in his lectures and believes he was channeling the same group soul as Ms. Rueckert. He lived in the home of Ms. Reuckert for over 2 years. 
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Wilcock believed that his Source was a group soul that identified itself as the Ra Group and the book above is channelled from the same Ra Group, via Carla Rueckert in 1981. If you've heard Wilcock refer to the Law of One, this book is the reference.
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